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It’s been several years since The CCD went live. Let’s build some community!

This is the official forum of The Car Crash Detective. After answering thousands of emails, I realized it would be more helpful for many readers to be able to speak directly with each other and form a community to discuss issues of car seat and auto safety. Please register and share your thoughts peacefully with each other. This is a space where rear-facing is respected, speed limits are seen as maximums and not minimums, and a greater mindfulness is encouraged about the risks we take each time we step into cars. Safe reading and safe travels,

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Car Seat Safety - Best Practices, Recommended Seats, 3 Across Guides, and MoreLast post
Car Seat Safety ForumA forum for discussion about everything related to car seat safety-best practices in rear-facing, forward-facing, boostering, 3 across guides, and more.
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Car Safety ForumA forum for discussion about everything related to auto safety, including best practices in driving techniques, choosing safe vehicles, and road design.
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